A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot

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When it comes to sheer terror, would you be more frightened by a vampire, or by Freddy Kreuger and his nightmarish tricks? Although there are many games, perhaps countless, based upon vampire tales, there is only one nightmare on Elm Street online slot out there ­­ made by Cassava Games (brought to us by the successful 888 Casino Group).

We could focus on the story and how its plot gets translated into this full-featured game, but instead our Elm Street slot review will stick to what is important ­­ assuming you want to win progressive jackpots on this title. Whether you are a fan of the original series of movies, or you are getting your chilling introduction through this online and mobile game, we’ll leave that up to you (of you dare).

30 Blood­Stained Paylines

We’ll choose to scare ourselves with Freddy over Dracula type characters, any day. With its 30 paylines this Nightmare themed slot packs plenty of rewards for those who can bear it’s terror and darkness.

Aside from the fear factor, Freddy’s namesake online game is not only for players who go for high stakes slots since you can:

  • Spin it for a mere 5 pence.
  • You can also bet up to £10 per payline.
  • And, hike that up by 10 to 25 times in the bonus round.

The Way the Nightmare Looks

The graphical appearance of the Nightmare on Elm Street slot’s gameplay is dark, sort of dank, and splattered­looking. This basically is a kind of tribute game for those nostalgic for 80s horror cinema. Although the game may get a cult following, the movie’s success will draw in more people with a morbid curiosity to play this slot, and the folks at Cassava know that.

The game features a bonus round, fittingly, that is called Never Sleep Again, which (maybe unfortunately in terms of terror) will keep you enmeshed with Freddy over four levels. With 30 paylines and 4 bonus ­game levels, you can see that this is a heavy hitting slot. And it is that, even before you consider that this slot has 2 progressive jackpots!

How to Face Freddy

The good news (maybe) is that Nightmare on Elm Street is available, courtesy of Cassava software, on any mobile device or desktop computer. We may as well give you a bit of perspective by comparing it to another horror­themed game that just doesn’t cut the mustard, not against the likes of Freddy Kruger.

Blood Suckers, a vampire title, has only 25 paylines and graphics that are nowhere near the league of Nightmare’s visual impact. We are surprised that Blood Suckers is a NetEnt slot, because it has none of the studio’s usual polish. It is boring in fact, and bland, and not at all scary. (Fact is, NetEnt buys games developed by outside developers and includes them in its portfolio, for better or worse.)

If you want a dark, grungy, and well, nightmare­like slots experience, there is really no level comparison with Nightmare on Elm Street ­­ and we think that its combination of bone­tingling horror with a massive jackpot and winnings potential is a perfect match.

You can play the slot at 777 Casino (part of the 888Casino group), which is a very classy destination ­­ its old school Vegas design is a nice respite from Nightmare on Elm Street.

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