Baccarat Online with PayPal

Whether you recognise Baccarat more from James Bond novels and films or from your own experience, there’s no better game to play for its simplicity and odds of winning.

Best Online Baccarat, Real Money

Because this game is lesser known, we think that the best casinos for real money baccarat online are those with diversified gaming systems (offering more game choices), but particularly those systems that are strong on table games. The following two casinos are standouts in those respects — they offer exclusive, advanced table games produced in-house that are not found elsewhere.

Keep in mind that almost all bonuses given by casinos to new or existing players (such as a cash match, or free cash to start) will have limitations baked in, which you must check the T&Cs to understand. For example, there is a restriction upon bonus cash called wagering requirements that makes this cash different from the player’s own deposited money.

NOTE: A typical wagering requirement will require you to bet a certain factor of the amount of the bonus (20X to 50X generally) before you can collect any winnings from playing through the bonus.

Types of Baccarat Online

Baccarat is not one of the most well known or best understood card games played in casinos. Even those who play at land-based or online casinos may never have ventured over to their Baccarat tables — some of these often are in private rooms, reserved for high rollers or VIP players.

There are three main variations of the game; however, one called Punto Banco is dominant at casinos worldwide — this is found at online casinos even though it will be called only ‘Baccarat’. This variation could be described as somewhat of a mix of qualities found in roulette and blackjack. Baccarat is simple to play because all that is required is to bet upon one of three limited outcomes (no extra skills or knowledge is needed).

When you get into the game, Baccarat can be played in a few ways (and we expect these options to expand in the coming years), including:

  • Mobile versions, such as the real money iPhone and Android baccarat game at
  • Native apps for your phone or tablet
  • Live dealer casino varieties and dedicated online games intended for the full screen experience of a desktop or laptop computer
  • You even can search out the relatively rare other forms of Baccarat called chemin de fer (James Bond’s favourite!) and baccarat banque.

Since most formats of Baccarat follow the simpler gameplay — where all you have to do is pick your bet (on one of two hands called Player or Bank, or a tie) and set your wager — it is ideal for mobile gaming. The odds for this game are roughly the same as mobile roulette (the single 0 variety).

Baccarat vs Blackjack

In Blackjack the player competes against the dealer and forms one’s own hand, trying to assemble cards with values that add up to as close to 21, without exceeding that. Adding the values of cards in this game is relatively straightforward.

In Baccarat, by contrast, the player does not handle the ‘Player’s hand, but rather bets upon either that hand or the Bank’s hand. In this game the highest value is 9. Adding the values of the two-card hand also is not what you would expect, since if the two cards amount to a double-digit number, only the last digit (right side of the numeral) is counted.

Blackjack is a highly strategic, although simple, game. It involves many choices on the part of the player, and great mathematical skill (if the player is into the counting cards method). Either game can be played intuitively or ‘from the gut’, as well.

Yet the Baccarat games that we find online are based purely upon chance — the dealing of cards itself decides the outcomes. Because of that, as you can see, it is essentially similar to the pure chance of roulette, although there are many more options (the 37 or 38 slots into which the ball may rest) for placing a bet.

On the other hand, since it is a card game like Blackjack, and in Baccarat your object is to bet upon a hand that adds up to 9, these two games are similar in basic ways, too. And then again, Baccarat and Roulette have the reputations and history of belonging to upper crust casino scenes, where stakes can be quite high.

Online, however, we are not bound to the high roller betting that Baccarat traditionally has attracted (or even required — since real tables at land based casinos can demand minimum bets of £25, £50 or more).

Particularly with the rise of baccarat online PayPal services, and low stakes versions, this game can now be enjoyed by the masses rather than just millionaires! Despite its lower stakes, average people who play baccarat online win real money nonetheless.

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