BetVictor Online Casino

It is interesting to play casino games at a bigtime betting hub like BetVictor — its advanced controls for placing wagers on anything from sports, entertainment, politics or what have you, may tempt a new member away from poker, initially. BetVictor has put a lot of energy into its user interface, to make it extremely easy to use.

This actually is a Bet Victor casino review so don’t worry — however, anybody who wants to play poker, blackjack and slots here should know about the massive betting portal just next door, so to speak. With casino gaming, however, you must bet on yourself, on your own skill and confidence; it is nice to have both types of experience available under one virtual roof.

£25 cash matches are awarded to the newest members at BetVictor — yes, that is the maximum welcome bonus. Yet, when you look at the exceptionally well organised, smart layout of the many parts in this operation, you will start to see that this is unlike any other casino online or for mobiles.

Multiple Game Brands

The balanced, simple, thoughtful design of BetVictor would almost, as it were, make the question of game sources seem unnecessary — which game supplier is it, you ask? Well, it is many, because this casino is selecting games title by title from those studios to which its members will be attracted.

Hence, you can play a slot with a cult following, like Starburst, by NetEnt, and next up you can play Immortal Romance by Microgaming. Either may be where you win a big jackpot. Since this happens to be one of the online casinos that allow PayPal deposits — providing maximum Internet privacy for any player — one could even go for a classic game like Rainbow Riches PayPal style.

The PayPal Connection

BetVictor PayPal facilities are a perfect branding match — because both of these organisations (the gaming site and the e-wallet) have that smart, high quality touch of class. Both also are Internet phenomena specifically.

BetVictor is not the kind of guy — and nor is his site, apparently — who goes in for shaky deals or half-baked financial arrangements. This site is above board, and tactful, in its offering PayPal and even other fine alternatives — for players who do not relish the idea of having to supply the amount of personal information that credit card transactions require. Those smart sort of players are attracted to BetVictor.

BetVictor is not terribly haughty about this, but, when a player uses PayPal for withdrawing winnings (or Neteller, or Skrill/Moneybrokers — any of the premium e-wallets actually) then the funds are sent within 1-3 days only. And, using this service comes with no fee or charge attached. Very nice; and very smart.

Marks of Class

It will take the newcomer some time to fully understand just how much attention to detail BetVictor has given, for convenience, swift navigation, quick starts to various types of games in the same session, safe payments and so forth. We are trying to hold back our enthusiasm lest we seem biased in some way in favour of this online and mobile casino — but after you play here you will probably want to do the same.

Lastly, this site is a super example of how great design and simplicity (using colour coding for different parts of BetVictor) makes a huge difference in user experience. It’s a quiet sort of mark of excellence — you’ll spot it soon enough!

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