Black Widow Online Slot

The Black Widow slot game’s characters are based upon a movie that is about a psycho woman who behaves like a female black widow spider. It can deliver massive wins along a full 40 paylines. Before we go over its features let’s take a look at a couple of the best Black Widow slot casinos the UK has to offer.


This is British powerhouse with Probability and IGT guts, and tremendous ongoing promotions that delight its 1.2 million-strong community of players from all over the world. LadyLucks’ new welcome offer is worth £500!

Moobile Games

Moobile may be one of the best Black Widow casinos since there are plenty of creepy-crawly spiders down on th’ farm, right? Moobile’s updated bonus offer totals up to £545 with loads of ongoing specials, making it a great Black Widow slot PayPal option.

True to Character

IGT is a master of building slot machines and online slot games — that experience surely helped it fine-tune the mechanics of Black Widow with its deadly storyline. For the purpose of explaining how this game plays we will describe the plot of its inspiration.

A stereotypical femme fatale (she likes to kill her male lovers) is loose — and there are a few middle class guys, nice guys, who are falling prey to her bite, so to speak. The 5 reels have various symbols of murder weapons, like a green poisonous liquid, a candlestick and so on. There is also the tricky Black Widow symbol, the male victims and high-card numbers.

Here’s the twist in this slot that you should realise: not only are large wins possible, so are losses — the Widow can give you the poison and then your game is over. Therefore, this one is not for pedestrian punters, or, those a tight bankroll for the session. You’ll need to stick it out, keep spinning, for two basic reasons: you can win big when you win, and, scoring the multiplier requires trapping the villains in the centermost reel/symbol position. It is difficult, yes.

Where to Catch a Black Widow

Ladylucks has a rather different image and reputation than the character of this slot. Rather than being dangerous, this famous UK online casino is known for being a place to find online slots that take PayPal (which is the best way to keep oneself safe when paying for things or making deposits online). You see the loose ironic correlation we’re making here? — Anyway, although the overly dramatic storyline of this game is a bit over the top, its workings and logic make it a serious slot, best for the experienced among us.

Yet Ladylucks (so far as its competitors are concerned) offers a really deadly welcome flirtation, in its own right. How would you like up to £500 in cash match, and a little free cash to get you loosened up? Careful — you could get tempted and ensnared in the web of Black Widow slots, or any of the other amazing IGT games, including live cards, roulette and side-games, too.

In case you did not know, LadyLucks mobile casino is the main focus of this organisation and its has been for years now. Mobile is where the action is. The software providers such as IGT and Probability have managed to fit all the features of online slots into smaller formats, on smartphones and tablets. But these mobile titles like Black Widow are every bit as killer — powerful and complex, in other words — as games we used to play on desktops and laptops!

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