Boku Casino Sites

Online and mobile casinos that accept Boku are among the most advanced and progressive out there today. Remarkably this is a payment tool that leverages players’ existing payment setup: their own mobiles’ billing accounts.

To start getting a sense for how this service works, here are quick looks at a few excellent Boku casinos that have become established brands:

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TIP: Don’t forget to read the Ts&Cs for any bonuses you accept, even from a Boku casino or one with e-wallet services.

The overall reasons that these are all great examples of Boku casinos is their diversity as well as their high quality. Generally, Boku is not a payment option that you will find at the cookie-cutter and run-of-the-mill casinos, but rather at the ones that excel at customer service. Boku casinos tend have exhibit high customer loyalty.

Boku Payment Pros and Cons

Every payment method has its strengths and weaknesses and hardly any one tool can do everything for every player. Some people, for example, want something very, very simple, like using cash. Others want some of the powers of a robust payment tool but don’t want the risk their credit cards — Boku and other pay by mobile methods do that!

Boku Advantages

What we find most compelling about Boku is its interesting combination of robust purchasing power (somewhat like PayPal) with the elegance of not opening up a new bank account or managing a new balance. Boku uses a ‘less is more’ logic, allowing you to do more with something you already have: your mobile billing cycle (whether it is prepaid or postpaid).

The other two advantages associated with this is that you don’t make yourself more vulnerable to cyber attacks or identity theft: all you use is your mobile number during transactions! That also means you have more privacy, not needing to supply a lot of personal details to verify your payment method.


There is not much of a downside to using Boku, except perhaps slightly less convenience than payment tools like Neteller and Skrill that have a bit more traction in the online casino world to date. But if you really love this, then you’re in luck because casinos that use Boku are expanding fast — already it has a load of affiliates including huge names in online vendors like Sony Playstation, Spotify, Windows and Google Play.

Getting Started with Boku Deposits

The crux of Boku is simplicity. Fortunately, you don’t have to apply or go through a lengthy setup process. Boku does all the legwork of arranging things with your mobile carrier, so all you have to do is use the service at checkout:

  • Decide what you’re buying or which casino to which you’re depositing
  • Go to the point of purchasing or depositing at the cashier
  • Choose Boku or Pay-by-Phone as your payment method
  • Supply your mobile number
  • Respond to the SMS you receive to confirm

A Boku deposit casino is for players who love simplicity and who want to just play. As you can see, it is ideally suited for mobile casino users. But once you start taking advantage of Boku for casino fun, you’re probably going to start using it for other things online, too.

Boku vs. Payforit

In the UK there has been a rather dominant payment gateway centred upon phone billing, called Payforit. This resulted from a pact among all the UK telecom carriers, to collaborate on a common app for their customers. This tool allowed modest monthly charges of around £10 or £2,0 or much smaller.

Pros of Boku and Payforit

Both Boku and Payforit basically have the same concept, which is to let consumers and players treat their phone account (and their billing that is already established) as a way to do things online in the easiest possible ways.

We think it’s great that the marketplace has recognised that people who play online or mobile games demand newer, safer and ultra easy ways to make deposits. Mobile gamers especially needed a way to make small payments on the fly, in real time, without safety worries. It is very likely that we’ll see more creative money tools using phone bills coming down the pike, too.

Cons of Boku and Payforit

Interestingly, one of the biggest drawback of Boku and Payforit may be any confusion that the public (at least in the UK) has in telling them apart, or telling which is best for certain situations.

To make things a little more tricky, usually Payforit is offered as a mobile casino pay by phone bill option in a generic way. Also, Boku has introduced an unbranded tool that helps sites offer phone-billed payments. Players who use both will have to keep things straight.

On of the main negative points about both Boku and Payforit is their lack of the capability of receiving payments or withdrawing cash from a casino. These are, as yet, one-directional tools and are only used for paying. However, we think that Boku is more likely to update its system to let players treat it as a bank account than Payforit.

Best e-Wallet for Withdrawals

After reading this, you naturally must be asking, ‘well, what is the best way to make withdrawals as well as payments then?’ Most casinos do allow players to plug in their normal bank accounts and to use credit and debit cards to receive their winnings or other bankroll funds. But a growing number of players want to bypass their normal financial arrangements for their gaming or entertainment activities, without losing any purchasing power.

Couple Key Things to Know

If you have decided to use alternative banking then you will be in the market for an e-wallet that can make payments as well as receive payments. Just keep in mind that many sites require withdrawal credits to be processed on the same financial tool that was used to make cash deposits. This is very important!

Lastly, if you need to do both types of transactions then the only clear choice is PayPal. A Boku casino UK players love may at some point soon offer similar ways both to pay and get paid, but it would be hard pressed to deliver all the same benefits as PayPal. And now, with PayPal’s instant cash out features, it will be more popular than ever among players.

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