Cloud Gaming

Technology is forever evolving, bringing forth fresh innovations to transform our daily lives. Obviously, not every innovation is relevant to online casinos, whereas some have incredible potential, such as cloud gaming. The Potential of Cloud Gaming The term cloud gaming is given to a process whereby games are processed through an online server rather than a user’s own device. Cloud…read more →

PayPal’s Venmo Soon to Enable More Online Payments

Venmo PayPal represents an act of diversification from the world’s best-known eWallet provider. Here, the intention is to explore how it works and what the benefits might be. Making Venmo Payments Online Venmo was receiving a gradual roll out in North American during late 2017. For new adopters, there are still key issues such as where is Venmo accepted /…read more →

Will Cashing Out with PayPal Be Easier Soon?

If things over at PayPal are going in the same direction as its other service called Venmo then instant ‘cash out’ transfers from the e-wallets to users’ debit Mastercard or Visa accounts, or their banks, have arrived. Basically, the big news is that PayPal is ready to establish and maintain alliances with Mastercard and VISA instead of its prior standoffishness…read more →

Paypal Discontinues Apps for Windows Phone, Blackberry & Amazon Kindle

When large, highly visible internet­ based companies like PayPal abandon making an app for a particular branded OS or ‘operating system’, such as Blackberry, some might say it is a strong slap or snub in technology terms. Yet in this case with the Paypal apps it’s not so simple. Life and Death for Apps For Blackberry, a system in decline, it could have…read more →

PayPal’s Naughty End to 2015

Just for fun, we thought it would be good to let you know that PayPal has a sense of humour about shopping for Christmas in relation to the story of Santa Claus — in fact, maybe its November TV ad was too blithe on the topic. PayPal is facing a PR debacle for it. Perhaps there is something less reverent…read more →

LadyLucks Announces a £10,000 Blackjack Tournament

LadyLucks has taken its promotional game to the next level by arranging for a lavish blackjack tournament to be hosted just off the coast of Gibraltar on 14 November 2015. The lure to compete in the sensational tournament will be to play for a share of the £10,000 prize fund. Those who do well in the tournament will be rewarded…read more →

PayPal Returns to Online US Gambling

The heydays of the early 2000s represented a time when poker players from all over the US were still able to openly participate in their pastime online. All of that would eventually change, however, with the US introducing legislation to outlaw online gambling. Around the same time, PayPal chose to cease its involvement with the US online gambling industry in…read more →