Cloud Gaming

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Technology is forever evolving, bringing forth fresh innovations to transform our daily lives. Obviously, not every innovation is relevant to online casinos, whereas some have incredible potential, such as cloud gaming.

The Potential of Cloud Gaming

The term cloud gaming is given to a process whereby games are processed through an online server rather than a user’s own device. Cloud gaming sort of works like a video streaming service, whereby the footage and audio of your actions are broadcast back to you.

However, there is a distinction from basic video streaming in that your device sends input instructions from your preferred method of control, be that a mouse, keyboard, or gaming controller. All the while, the game itself is being processed in a cloud server that your device is connected to.

As a concept, cloud gaming UK could be transformative for casino sites and online gambling in general. These are some of the reasons why cloud gaming could be so beneficial:

  • No download: Casino gamers already have this benefit from instant-play sites, but not having to install software programmes is a core benefit.
  • Lower operating costs: Cloud gaming saves uses from having to upgrade their processing systems to cope with high-end software. Of course, a high-quality monitor would be needed for an elite viewing experience.
  • Wider compatibility: The rise of HTML5 technology gives cloud gaming casinos a type of browser that is found on an incredible span of devices.

Other Key Advancements

The sheer volume of cloud casinos also raises the prospect of creating links other forms of innovation, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Both have been explored by iGaming software providers, but are still in the infancy stage.

VR Casinos

Wearing a VR headset would give you complete immersion for a casino experience, which sounds incredible, but the cost of acquiring one is currently prohibitive. And so is the cost of upgrading your computer to run a headset, which is where cloud computing could come in to assist the process moving forward.

AR Casinos

Comparatively, it is much more cost-effective to enjoy AR gaming, as this intertwines with your everyday reality, such as wearing digital glasses that allow you to see the world and play games laid over that. In addition, it is possible to insert smartphones into wearable headsets to provider a cheaper option compared to VR casinos.

What Cloud Gaming Can Bring to Casinos

Whether seeking paid or cloud gaming free options, there is so much that this technology can bring to online casinos, especially when paired with VR and AR concepts. Here, we shall explore some of the exciting developments that could one day emerge at casino sites:

  • Slots: Being entirely immersed in a slot would make mini games all the more impactful. And the fact that all of the heavy processing is handled by the cloud would lessen the stress on your own device.
  • Blackjack: A current VR release called Blackjack Bailey shows that you can enjoy casual table gaming experiences in the virtual world.
  • Roulette: You could also see cartoon-style roulette games, but perhaps live dealers will also make the transition into the 3D environment. See the action playing out in an actual casino while sitting on your own couch would be mind-blowing.
  • Poker: Cast your eyes around the poker table at the avatars created by your fellow competitors. See if there are any tells that could give them away!

Cloud Gaming Options Begin to Emerge

The more standard form of cloud gaming is to see casino sites and online gambling operators make their services directly available through browsers, as opposed to software packages. However, it would appear that new cloud gaming options are already beginning to present themselves.

Players Can Be the House

VIABET launched in October 2017 as an online gambling site that promised to let players act as their own casino and bookie. Naturally, it would be impossible for the average player to afford such a setup, but VIABET has made it possible by giving players access to the financial software they need through the cloud. In turn, they can bet against other players.

Breaking Down Barriers

Moving forward, online casino and gambling operators need to truly embrace cloud gaming, as it would break down the prohibitive barriers between platforms. For every time that you can play smoothly on Windows, you might need to install a plugin to run cloud gaming Mac sites, and the same could be said for Android and iOS.

Cloud Servers over Dedicated Servers

If online gambling operators can embrace cloud servers rather than dedicated servers, which are hosted by themselves in a single physical location, then they can move towards creating a single gaming platform that is accessible by even more devices.

As a player, you stand to gain because cloud gaming can give you easier compatibility and lessen the cost of upgrading your hardware, as the actual processing is handled elsewhere and streamed back to your device.

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