Coral Casino

Coral Casino has a truly unique, no­ nonsense look ­and ­feel. There is no trace of hoaky or sensationalistic promotions, or a bunch of casino fluff. What you see once it loads is, in a word, options. The immediate impact of coral casino is meant to wow you with its wide, wide array of world­class gaming choices.

From Casino to Sports

While the leading trend for the world’s best online and mobile casinos today is to offer a portfolio with multiple brands, Coral has done much better. It is in the company of few gaming sites by delivering its casino alongside fully featured sports betting tools, live dealer games, bingo, scratch cards and others.


The way you can manage your huge selection at Coral is by taking full advantage of its robust navigation menu, sorting and search tools for its games. Take a moment’s effort to try it out!

While we applaud the depth of games here, we think that the coral casino on mobile may be overwhelming for all but experienced players. It would be nice if this and other similar sites could offer a way to fold up the options into a single type of game to look at (like just the casino, or just sports betting). Award­ winning casinos like the 888 Group splits their gaming into separate sites, which makes sense for mobile players especially.

If our coral casino review has one piece of constructive criticism, it is that there is just too much selection to take in. But, of course, this is not a problem for all players — for experienced gamers it is an advantage!

Bonuses from Coral

There are welcome offers for each main type of gaming here (bingo, casino, live casino, poker). The main casino offer is:

  1. deposit £10 (called ‘buy in’)
  2. get a bonus of £50
  3. 2nd deposit: £10 slots bonus
  4. 3rd deposit: £5 roulette bonus

We like the way Coral encourages players to try a range of games with its bonuses, and even to become new types of players (like poker) with their account. It has ongoing specials like the Featured Game of the Week (for extra comp credits) that will help keep experiences fresh for its members.

Solid Banking

We think it is interesting, and telling, that Coral offers fewer banking options than the majority of casinos. But what it has (credit/debit, Neteller and PayPal) are geared for serious players. Most sites try to push a larger range of payment options as a benefit, but Coral does not need to do, because it seems to realise that it has a niche audience.

Once again, it is clear that Coral really is for people who are not newbies, since its banking services cater to those who are expecting to withdraw and deposit with an e-wallet — not those who would use cash vouchers to top up for casual, low­stakes sessions.

Lasting Impressions

If you are not new to online and mobile casino entertainment, and you know you need plenty of selection to satisfy your interests, then registering at coral casino with PayPal may be the best thing we can think of for you to do.

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