Dawn of the Dinosaurs Slot

A good way to introduce our Dawn of the Dinosaurs online slot review is to point out that it plays upon people’s attraction to the Jurassic age theme — but this game is not an officially licensed adaptation of the film series Jurassic Park, mind you. It is not that scary!

So people looking for a scary movie inside this slot may be disappointed. This game looks sort of rounded and cute, like the soft boulders and rock that form its player-control panel. Sure, there are some ferocious reel symbols, pictured by artwork that is very realistic:

  • T. rex
  • Triceratops
  • volcanic lava rock
  • dinosaur teeth
  • flaming eyes

But there are also the conventional numbers and letters, and the whole of it is not meant to look harsh or threatening like getting chased by people-eating giant reptiles. We admire the reel symbols for being slabs of rock with the letters engraved into them, along with small fossils and footprints in each one. There are 5 reels, and they stack 3-deep.

The slot’s 25 paylines are clearly marked, although small, along the sidelines. The design features lush green palms and ferns in the background, and together with the soft browns of the forefront boulder, is a subdued earth-toned affair. We can compare that, to another popular prehistoric-themed slot that looks very different, by mFortune.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs Versus Quest for Fire

Whereas Dawn’ goes for realism and accuracy in its graphics and their shading, Quest for Fire is totally off the wall with garish effects. Its reel symbols also differ wildly by their cartoonish humanoid faces and crazy looking letters (which difficult to read, unfortunately), or monster-dinosaurs popping forward. Its background is all flickering hot lava erupting and flowing everywhere.

NOTE: Quest for Fire is not based upon the kids’ film by that name. (But it does look as if meant for kids to play.)

Quest’ is a 15 payline slot machine, therefore not as robust for jackpot hunters. It has only two bonus rounds, which are centred around the character Cavey who is trying to woo a cavegirl. In contrast, Dawn of the Dinosaurs features five bonus levels, in which the action includes a video game of two dinos fighting (where we get to decide their vicious moves).

Both slots are progressives, and yet Dawn’ offers more multipliers and free spins. In fact, this slot has very innovative twists:

  • You have a volcano bonus metre at the left of your controls. As you fill this with lava rocks during gameplay, its rising magma can overflow, unleashing up to 30 free spins and a 6X multiplier.
  • T-Rex eggs collect over to the right, and each one has the potential to act as a wild symbol. If Eggs and T-Rex symbols line up then you could complete a payline combination very easily.

TIP: No other slot we have seen lately allows bonus credits (in this case the Eggs on the right) to accrue and stick, across sessions of the game. That is a deadly feature!

We prefer the overall high quality finish, robust winning potential, extra side-game rounds and innovative bonus layover feature of Dawn of the Dinosaurs, to the juvenile look and feel of mFortune’s game (although we have high respect for this mobile casino). If you want a strong slot with good odds and superb performance, we suggest you go back to the Dawn of the Dinosaurs.