Everything You Need to Know about Sport Betting

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Betting is commonly seen as a way of adding further excitement to the spectacle of watching sports. In a single guide, you will get a leg up on being more effective at sport betting online.

Sport Betting Explained

Sport betting affords you, the punter, the ability to place wagers on an array of pursuits. Sportsbooks will provide wagers that are weighted based on which team or competitor is more likely to win. However, sports betting is now even broader and can even present opportunities to bet specific actions of events.

Sports Betting Glossary

In sport betting UK, there are terms that will appear much more often than any others. Here is a glossary of the most important betting terms:

  • ACCA: Accumulators are majorly popular with sports betting sites, especially in football. Fans can make a single wager on multiple results and receive more favourable odds by taking on a larger risk.
  • Asian handicap: An Asian handicap is when odds are offered for teams winning with negative points or positive points. In football, this could see a team like Real Madrid playing with -1.5 goals, which would provide better odds.
  • Both teams to score: Football is a popular sport for betting yes or no when it comes to both teams scoring a goal. This can be played out over an entire match or else in either half.
  • Correct score: Guess the correct score for a match and you can obtain much more rewarding odds compared to only picking the winner of the contest.
  • Doubles/Trebles/Quads: Backing two, three, or four selections in a single betting slip that can offer higher odds.
  • Futures/outright: The term future is used to define that you are betting on an action that will not happen for quite some time, such as a player winning a tournament.
  • Half-time/full-time: Sportsbooks can offer you the opportunity to select the right result at both half-time and full-time.
  • Over/under: Betting either over or under a set number of goals or points. This is a mechanism that can be applied within football, tennis, rugby, and more.
  • Moneyline: This American concept is where teams or competitors are expressed in terms of what punters need to stake in order to win $100.
  • Parlays: The coming together of multiple results, allowing even larger collective odds. You have to win on every result to win the entire bet.
  • Point spread: American betting commonly uses the term point spread. Sports fans can back a result where positive or negative points are applied. Famous teams can have their odds improved by being able to take points away from the result.
  • Proposition betting: This special form of betting occurs whenever you contact the sportsbook directly to proposition them for a bet that is not offered.
  • Reverse bets: Place two bets together. If team one wins, ties, or loses, then you back team two. Meanwhile, if team two wins, ties, or loses, then you back team one. The covering of both will allow for the limitation of losses.
  • Win bets: A wager where you pick one team or competitor to win in a match. Draws and loses can be provided as alternative options.

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Top Sports for Betting

There are some sports that dominate the betting landscape, attracting many more wagers than some of the others. At a betting site, you will notice that the following are heavily featured.


The English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and German Bundesliga are just three of numerous competitions played out across the world. Football fans can choose to bet on their select area of expertise, with sportsbooks now covering an extensive selection of matches and in-game markets.

Horse Racing

In horse racing, it helps to seek out sport betting tips from the experts. They know more about horses than anybody else and can usually be depended on for finding winners. Horse racing is so challenging because of the numerous competitors in each race, so it helps to find and read through as much information as you can possibly find.


Casual fans can bet on the biggest stars and major tournaments, while the more in-depth fans can use their superior knowledge to identify lucrative odds in smaller-scale competitions. Tennis is another sport that has benefitted from the emergence of numerous in-game betting markets.


In golf, it is anything but simple to pick out the guaranteed winner of major tournaments. Even when backing a favourite, you might be able find odds of 5/1. This makes golf appealing because it is suite simple to obtain good odds, and especially if you can identify a long-shot prospect to win the entire tournament.

American Sports

UK sportsbooks now represent major US sports such as American football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey. Considering the often dramatic turnaround of talent from season to season, it is often possible to get very generous odds. Sportsbooks can be less knowledgeable about those specialist sporting fields.

Common Tips and Strategies

With sports betting, there are some core tips and strategies that can be used to enhance your level of effectiveness:

  • Use small stakes at first: Start by staking small amounts if you want to avoid major disappointments. Uncertainty is the only guarantee in sports betting, so try to spread the risk.
  • Always do research: You cannot go around wagering on unknowns and expect to win consistently. Whether you prefer football, horse racing, or something else, you have to research the players, teams, or competitors.
  • Understand the odds: By understanding a sport, you can then see when odds are more favourable for a certain outcome. For instance, a strong away team might be worth backing if you can secure longer odds.
  • Check the latest news: Last-minute injuries can dramatically transform the face of sports like football. Check the latest news to see if the sudden absence of a star player can make a team more vulnerable.

In sports betting, there are going to be losses. Always make sure to step back and avoid betting irrationally – this will make the process more effective.

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