Family Guy Slot

If you are a fan of zany animated cable shows for adults, then Family Guy is probably something familiar to you. Before we fill you in on the hilarious details, let’s look at a couple places to play it where the bonuses are no joke!

Super-Dooper IGT Casinos with Family Guy

IGT has joined the fray of studios that produce games based upon such cartoons that some deem a bit gross, with lewd humour and bathroom jokes. But IGT is the master, putting up stiff competition with its family guy slot machine for the Web.

Family Style Gameplay

The family guy slot is an example of IGT’s mastery of choosing the right tempo, mood, graphics, bonus features and volatility to match a given theme. Since the original show is a slapstick comedy, loaded with crude jokes yet with surprising moments of intelligent banter, this slot reflects that with crazy results.


Players of Family Guy don’t have to wait long to trigger its many bonus rounds on 30 paylines.

Geared for Fun

Volatility, or the frequency of wins and free spins, is pumped up on this game. Yet that means that players hunting for a serious jackpot might want to look for a more sobre progressive slot. RTP (or the house edge) puts Family Guy’s returns between about 93%-96%, which is on the low end.

What you get, however, is a highly entertaining slot game. We feel that it is best suited for people who want some belly laughs and approach their slot experience lightheartedly, rather than with a hawkish aim of reeling in big cash.

Family Rules

Fitting with the intended audience, you can bet as little as .01p to watch this game’s antics, or, up to £30 on a lucky spin, since Family Guy is known to cough up big wins of 250,000 coins.

What you want to look out for is when family members from the show (symbols of Peter, Stewie, Lois and Brian) appear on reels and trigger bonuses in characteristic ways.

For example, the Lois symbol (matron of the house) has the power to force others to become Scatters, with payout rising as high 1000X your line bet.

The World Bonus symbol takes you to a globe-spinning sequence, which leads to one of the many bonus side-games, such as ‘The Drunken Clam’ and ‘The Chicken Fight’!

Slapstick Strategy

We wrap up our family guy slot review by stressing that this game delivers plenty of pranks and attention-grabbing effects — smaller successes but less frequent massive wins. It is perfect for newbies to online slots, or experienced punters who just want to hit autospin, then sit back and giggle a lot.