Ghostbusters Online Slot

Now that online and mobile casinos have streamlined the user experience (in terms of security, customer services, game selection, payment options, and so on), players are delighted by the full range of slot themes available.

Slots for All

Slot themes of countless types, from the classics to comic books, from myths and legends to current movies, can be found in your favourite mobile casino.

All the rage, right now, are pop music and older movies as themes for up and coming slots. Today we’re getting a good glimpse at IGT’s zany Ghostbusters title!

‘Who Ya Gonna’ Spin?

With a major new Ghostbusters 2016 film release this year featuring a revamped female cast of ‘busters, there is no doubt that the story line shows not signs of disappearing. This IGT video slots version features the classic characters played by Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd &co.

Get Suited Up for Fun

Are you a fan of this hilarious comedy? It will be before some players’ time, actually. Surely, die hard lovers of the movie won’t mind that IGT’s Ghostbusters slot RTP (95.4%) is on the low side.

With its 5 reels, and 30 paylines, this game is meant to keep up with its perky remix of the movie’s trademark song. The music is very well done, so that you don’t get tired of hearing it looped.

With lower variance and volatility, it is easy to see why this one is meant for punters out for more laughs than jackpots. The action on your spins, and 6 types of bonus rounds based upon movie scenes, is complete with effects featuring ghosts and ghouls and even Slimer too!

Where to Find Ghosts’

IGT is one of the world’s most established makers of slots, and it is the house brand (or one of them) at many fine casinos. One of the best haunts for IGT games like Ghostbusters is Wink Slots.

A Winking Welcome

The nice thing about launching into your ghost-catching career on this slot at Wink is grabbing up to £600 in cash match and 80 free spins (although not necessarily on this game, mind you).

Somehow, Ghostbusters and Wink just kinda’ go together perfectly. The Cassava/Dragonfish system at this site gives you access to IGT slots as well the house brand, and others. This means you won’t get bored as a Wink member.

Ghostbusters’ Design & Gameplay

Basically, what you are in for playing this slot is a wild amount of triggers for crazy reel behaviours — with plenty of green slime. If fact, along with the cast of characters (both specters and humans) the slime itself has a major role.

When wilds and scatters hit, you can expects effects like the pulsing energy beams wielded by ‘busters surrounding whole reels, and slime splattering and oozing down in too many ways to note.

Perhaps the other most notable characteristic of this game that our Ghostbusters online slot review would be remiss not to mention is the Stay Puft marshmallow man. This is a central bonus feature, and you will see the creepy smiling giant behind the reels (even shaking the whole screen!).

IGT Ghostbusters is for fans of the this movie franchise as well as those who are curious to catch up with it. Otherwise, the game may have too many inside jokes for players unfamiliar with the movies.

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