Golden Goddess Slot

If ever there was an online or mobile slot you might want to use for unwinding, chilling out, relaxing, then IGT’s Golden Goddess game could well be the one. We think that it is far better as an online and mobile game that you can play privately than in real casinos.

Best Casinos with Golden Goddess

IGT, one of the world’s largest casino-games makers (both for brick-and-mortar and online casinos), acquired the British favourite brand Probability plc and has since updated its main two properties. These are perhaps the two best places to enjoy Golden Goddess slots online today.

Terms and Conditions

Do check out the rules for your bonuses so you can play without any shocks when you win using freebies.

Review of Golden Goddess

The RTP or return to player percentage for this game is 94.91% (but it will vary over time since this is measured in the long run). Admittedly this is not the highest RTP for slots, but this is offset by its generous gameplay from spin to spin. It is considered a low risk slot.

It has 40 paylines and the Super Stacks feature, both of which contribute to this game’s appeal as a fun, easy spinner for enjoyable sessions as long as you are willing to wait for larger wins.


Each spin on Golden Goddess will have a symbol that stacks, which is powerful when more than one reel stacks up and multipliers grown to 15X, 20X or even 50X. The maximum win is 120,000 yet this is not something that can be attained easily.


If you do want to set your sights upon a bigger win, then as with good slot strategy always you will need to manage your bet so that it is high at the moment that you spin up winning symbols and bonuses.

Our Golden Goddess slot tips basically centre around realising that since this is an easy going and fairly loose game, so it is great for sitting back with Autospin and revelling in its graceful charms.

Bonus Features

You can get up to 7 free spins but these are not frequent in the gameplay. You will notice the Super Stacked feature that is triggered automatically, at random, on every spin. This one detail — along with angelic music and lovely paradisiac graphics — is the game’s main functional metaphor of its ‘goddess’ theme.

Mobile Compatibility

Golden Goddess mobile experience is enabled for phones and tablets via the IGT apps that are free to download when joining a reputable casino (like the ones above). With its excellent origins this is not a slot you have to worry about for mobile play — and what’s more it is absolutely wonderful on smartphone and tablet screens.

Go to Heaven

We finish our Golden Goddess slot review by again highlighting the fact that this is a simple, highly attractive and soothing game. Its play screen and graphics are bright and large, making it easy to look at for a longer time.

When you have a Golden Goddess PayPal enabled run, you are likely to keep your bankroll healthy and you may even come away with its elusive but large jackpot, if you’re humble enough before this goddess.