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If you love poker and are keen to try the online variety, then we think that mFortune is a good choice as your entry point into this game. The reason is that the poker games here (produced in-house) are cozy, and surrounded by a warm community. Contrast that with any of the heavily hyped poker-only destinations.

mFortune’s Hi-Lo poker for mobile also boasts the advantages of a streamlined form of game-play, which is both a promising bet as well as easy (even when on the go). That is why it ranks among some of the best mobile poker games online today.

Double Up for this Hi-Lo

You are dealt five cards at this game’s snazzy burgundy table, with large comfortable buttons for bets and Deal. You choose which cards to keep and which to ditch. You then are dealt replacement cards that finalise your hand, and determines whether you continue the round.

The next phase is the kicker: two cards are dealt and one is face down. Now you have the chance to wager on whether the unseen card is higher or lower. If you are right, your money is doubled!

This simplifies things (which is ideal for mobile players) while remaining a powerful opportunity to take home a nice pot. The traditional poker action in the Hi-Lo at mFortune essentially is like a Jacks or Better game, but combined with the Hi-Lo aspect.

NOTE: Nobody should worry about getting the hang of this fast — since the game can be played in free demo mode until enough confidence is felt to bet.


mFortune Hi-Lo Compared to Others

In normal, longer-play Hi-Lo poker, players can vie to win with either the high or low winning hand, but good strategy is to go for a ‘scoop’ by winning both. Generally this is done by matching two of one’s own cards with three of the communal cards uncovered on the table.

As you can tell, this normal variety is more complicated — for example, there are precise rules to remember about how to determine who has the lowest or highest, based upon card values. These rounds last longer — which is not ideal for playing on the go with a phone or tablet. Also, in a normal format the pot is split or even quartered depending upon any ties for winning hands.

So, mFortune Hi-Lo poker eliminates complex gameplay along with the possibility of a scoop — yet, it balances a much simpler hi/lo round with its double or nothing feature to maximize your winning potential.

Why mFortune?

In our mFortune review of its Hi-Lo Poker title (free to download), we have stressed the game’s trade offs for the sake of great mobile fun. Yet there are other important reasons to register as a member here. Let’s look at some of the benefits for joining mFortune:

    • exclusive games including cards, slots and roulette
    • the option to move on to its Texas Hold’em game
    • high performance and compatibility for mobiles
    • £5 free cash to join
    • 100% cash match up to £100 when depositing
  • no wagering requirements on bonuses!

When it comes to playing video poker online with PayPal or other alternatives, this last benefit — mFortune’s famous ‘keep what you win’ offer — is very unusual. For any player who wants a great poker experience, we think this single detail makes all the difference!

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