Online Casino Identity Theft

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Identity theft has become a fact of modern life, a type of online crime that is one of many belonging to the world of the Web specifically. Although many people know what is generally (and yet not completely), some of us may not know what can be done to deal with it, or even prevent it outright. The good news is that nobody needs to feel like a helpless victim — because fortunately a little information and some easy precautions are enough to safeguard online identities.

What Is Identity Theft?

We are familiar with similar crimes belonging to the offline world, such as having a wallet stolen. But identity theft is much more offensive, when:

all of one’s personal keys to services like bank accounts, social media, email and other memberships like casinos are stolen and used outside our control.

In a nutshell, the degree to which the Web provides all manner of extraordinary conveniences is the very degree to which it is awfully unfortunate or injurious to have all of those conveniences stripped and used against us by criminals. The conveniences we stand to lose include:

  • online shopping and banking
  • extremely attractive entertainment like online gambling
  • important news and personal services
  • communication methods like email and social networks

How to Prevent Id Theft Online?

In terms of avoiding identity theft online gambling in particular, the two top ways to protect yourself from identity theft are (1) choosing UK-licensed casino sites, and (2) using PayPal instead of credit cards or bank accounts.

In the broader scheme of things, your online safety can be strengthened considerably by following these well-known tips:

  1.      Use care and caution when using your personal computer and mobile devices: this means making tough passcodes, ignoring suspicious emails, not falling for nosey websites that ask for personal information and only shopping with trusted vendors.
  2.      Keep your computer and mobile devices themselves secure: this means using antivirus software, changing your passcodes often enough and keeping your email account and other memberships private by entering codes yourself rather than relying upon auto-fill tools.
  3.      Protect your wallet and credentials outside the home: this means that online identity theft is not just a Web crime, since many criminals steal from people in public places like restaurants and libraries and then misuse their personal information online.
  4.      Do not engage in dangerous online activities: this means having good judgement, which should be a no-brainer, but often people have an illusion of privacy and safety when using the Web or dealing with others online. As a rule of thumb, apply even more caution towards what you do on the Web than what you do in your own neighbourhood.
  5.      Act quickly any time you find suspicious activity or have details stolen: this means being aware in advance of what a hardship it is to mend the damage of having your online identity stolen and misused! Knowing this will motivate you to stay safe, and, deal with any trouble immediately to reduce the harm.

Which Online Casinos are Scams?

Well, fortunately this question is presumptuous because the vast majority of licensed online casinos in the UK are legitimate, fair and safe to use. The identity theft online casino scams may exist when you venture into other countries’ gaming systems and unknown regulations, or, when you get duped by any illegitimate rogue casinos that can exist to rob people.

It would be very difficult and unlikely for a UK casino itself to intentionally scam you or steal your identity after you provide credentials trustingly. What is possible, however, is for mishaps to occur if the casino’s own software is hijacked by criminals so that your data is stolen at a higher level.

It is also possible for employees of the casino to mishandle your account information. Therefore, it is vital always to choose the most reputable, most professional new online casino real money gaming opportunities.

Which Casinos Are Legitimate?

Now that you have learned the negatives regarding identity theft casinos let’s go over the positives! For instance, where can you play safely? Although these recommendations below aren’t the only trustworthy online casinos, they definitely are known as safe sites to join.


Even reputable casinos like these have restrictions in their Ts&Cs, and many of these rules are based upon legal requirements to fight fraud and criminals on their ends.

777 is brought to you by the 888 Group, which uses its own Dragonfish software. This is an important feature of its safety because 777 handles your account directly rather than licensing an outside system. Bonuses to join including up to £200 and a bonus package worth up to £1,500.

Moobile Games

When it comes to choosing a reputable brand of site and it gaming systems, you cannot find better than the UK’s own Probability plc and the internationally renowned IGT, both of which power Moobile. You safely receive a £5 no deposit gift and 100% cash matches to get going.


PocketWin is one of a few boutique casinos including mFortune that are UK favourites and highly trusted. PocketWin’s games are made exclusively for its members, and its customer services are great. You get £5 free to join, and up to £100 matching funds — best of all, no wagering requirements mean you get to keep all your winnings!

Take our advice, read these tips twice and keep your wits about you! If you do everything you can to stay safe, there is no reason not to play your favourite games with peace of mind.

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