Interpreting the PayPal User Agreement

In June, a bit of controversy hung over PayPal briefly with regard to its updated User Agreement (UA), which forced this globally dominant e-wallet service to exercise public relations mechanisms to deal with the problem — and then improve its communication with existing and new customers. It also rewrote its UA in order to achieve the clarity and transparency demanded by customers, consumer advocates and the FCC itself.

On the heels of this ultimately fortunate turn of events (since, as they say, every breakdown can be a breakthrough) we thought it would be timely to clarify a few key points in PayPal’s UA — specifically for those of us who embrace the service for playing safely at casinos that have earned the right to offer it to members.

Section 9.2 — Unlawful Internet Gambling Notice

If a person who is new to online casino gaming was to read this part without knowing the legal aspects context, then one might come away thinking it is flatly illegal to use PayPal for betting, wagers and gambling. In most places, it is illegal — but not in the UK or some parts of the EU where Web-based gambling is regulated and where PayPal casinos flourish. PayPal is American, and US Federal laws do not permit gambling, but that does not mean the company cannot serve players in countries that do.

Section 10.3 — Actions by PayPal – Restricted Activities

If any PayPal user infringes upon the UA, or commits outright fraud (perhaps in ignorance rather than with criminal intent), then obviously PayPal will either freeze the account in question or ban the user, or both — and even take legal action against the individual. Fraud could be something as simple as submitting incorrect personal information (address, phone, et cetera).

There also are more serious cases where criminals try to exploit gambling sites and their players — so, both the casinos and PayPal must confront any kind of fraud to comply with laws. For example, if a US citizen was caught trying to use PayPal to play at casino sites illegal from their location then that person would face any of the above consequences.

Section 3 — Sending Money

PayPal is famous for its feature that money can be sent to any person using the recipient’s phone number or email ID — what this means is that the receiver can create a PayPal account within 30 days in order to get the cash (otherwise it is returned).

The other side of this coin is how exactly the cash being sent is debited from the sender’s account. PayPal has a specific order that it will follow to fund the transaction, listed by its UA:

  1. PayPal Balance
  2. Instant Transfer from your bank account
  3. PayPal Credit
  4. PayPal Cards
  5. Debit card
  6. Credit card
  7. eCheck

Section 1.6 — Password Security

If you had any doubt about whether it is your responsibility to keep your account passcodes secure then this makes it utterly clear: PayPal is not responsible; you are. What many users may not realise is equally important is that they have the responsibility to keep their email and mailing address correct in their PayPal account at all times. If not, this could be interepreted as fraud. Similarly, if a user claims damages after a password problem, this also could be suspected as fraud. Obviously, safeguarding one’s passwords is a very serious matter — more serious than many users understand.

Section 6 — Withdrawing Money

Lastly, this is our favourite section because it deals with how casino players might want to withdraw funds that have arrived in their PayPal accounts from a casino where they won money!

There are three ways to withdraw from PayPal: transfer to your bank account; request a paper check sent to your verified address (P.O. boxes are not allowed); or, using a PayPal Debit Card if applicable. Note that there is a withdrawal fee for getting the check cut and sent (even if it is never desposited). Casino players should also note that if funds from a win are over $500 per month, then extra verification may be required in order to withdraw all of them.

We hope these clarifications specifically help PayPal casinos UK players to the fullest in the pursuit of casino entertainment (and even the fortunes that can be won!) — if in any doubt, then please read the UA and contact customer support until it is absolutely clear.