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Keno is an Asian game that made its way over to the western world when Chinese people began immigrating to the US towards the end of the 19th century. Many moved to the west coast to build the railroads, and in doing so began to interact with their fellow workers. In sharing their customs, the rules of keno would eventually be communicated.

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How Keno Compares to Other Games

Keno is similar to roulette in that both give you the option to select individual numbers when making a bet on a round. However, roulette has greater diversity in that you can back colours and groups of numbers, whereas keno will only let you back single numbers. There is also a limit on the quantity of keno numbers you back, with some version setting this at 10. Comparatively, keno is a little more relaxed than roulette.

Blackjack fundamentally differs from keno in that the game depends on cards. Keno depends on numbers of one to 80 drawn at random, so you have two very different games here. Blackjack, however, is similar to keno in that they are quite laid back to play. You can sit in for a casual round without having to make complex betting decisions like in roulette. But keno is a better option for big wins because these can scale up quickly.

Bingo is an obvious point of comparison for keno in that how well you perform depends on how many numbers are crossed off your card. The most common bingo versions are 90-ball and 75-ball, while keno will draw from 80 balls. These are drawn at random, with the best-performing players being those who mark off their numbers the quickest. The advantage of keno is that the performance of other players will not affect how much you can win.

Learn How to Play Keno

Load up a standard game of keno and you will see a card with numbers that go from one to 80. This should be a common trait among keno games, but some versions will let you let you pick up to 20 numbers, while others will limit this to 10. You will also have to set a betting value on each round.

Keno is incredibly simple, but there is basic strategy that needs to be considered in how you play. Backing all 10 numbers will make it more likely for you to hit numbers, but the drawback is that you will require more hits. For instance, backing 10 numbers will often require you to hit five numbers for a payout. At the bottom end of the scale, backing three numbers will only require two hits, but you are less likely to hit them.

Essentially, keno is all about finding balance in your play. You can even find that backing fewer numbers will give you a larger payout on the lower numbers. There is no guaranteed strategy for winning at keno, but you need to think about how you like to win when making your decisions. Winning often and in small amounts might be preferable to bringing in larger wins less of the time.

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