Kiss Online Slot

The 70s glam band KISS is probably already getting buried by the sands of pop culture history — so, this slot by WMS is going to appeal either to older folks, or, young punters who fancy nostalgic rock history. The question is, where is the best place to play the game?

We think that there are two excellent choices, and 888Casino. The reason is each of these two online/mobile casinos provides a good backdrop for the KISS slot:

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Kiss Slot Description

What is challenging for game makers when using something historical like the band KISS is to offer features and design that makes players think that the game matches the subject. Does Williams Interactive do it? Damn straight they did!

Slot Design

The KISS slot rocks, down and dirty! Its simple reels frame and black background rightly puts the focus on the fiery symbols with band members performing. But more importantly, you get sucked into the spinning symbols themselves, since this game has Colossal Reels setup: you have a 5-reel, 4-symbol grid to the left, and a massive array of 5X12 symbols to the right. All of these 10 reels combine to give 100 paylines!

How to Play

The basic gameplay is the same as with other slots, however, you must learn to keep your eyes on the way the two sets of reels (left and right) interact. Mainly, when you land stacked wild symbols in your main reels, these show up right away on the right side reels, where you can extend them.

What we think is a bit mesmerising about this slot is the way the sound effects of guitar licks and riffs sound off whenever winning lines are hit. Aside from jackpotting this game, the free spins come from landing up to 6 scatters, with free spins of either 8 (2X multiplier), 12 (5X), or 20 (20X).

This is a lower volatility (risk) slot, so that means you will have a blast watching it hit little bonuses, free spins and payouts, but you’re less likely to make a fortune on it. The top jackpot is £2,500.

Online Slot Review

Fortunately for our Kiss online slot review it is fairly easy to peg this game in useful way: definitely KISS devotees should play it (and they won’t care too much about the details on the whole), and, those who want an entertaining spinner without much risk will also enjoy it. Serious punters, you may want to sit this slot out, and go for progressive jackpot models.


Kiss slots online really capture the vibe, sounds and attitude of the band. The Colossal Reels feature is a perfect match for the larger than life image of this entertainment phenomenon, a mega band of its day that ended up selling over 100 million records!

If you really like the idea of playing a slot based upon a music theme, you’re in luck because KISS (one of the first of its kind, already a few years old) joins the ranks of some successful newer models like Gunz N Roses and Jimi Hendrix by NetEnt.

Don’t forget that although this game had appeared in land-based casinos before it went online, it is also available via Kiss slot machine app — and we think that having the Kiss slot mobile enabled adds more texture to everybody’s game selection option.


As we said, this is a low volatility slot, which usually goes hand in hand with a lower RTP, return to player percentage. In the case of KISS, the RTP is around 93% (these are always estimates). And, although this theme is well crafted, newer rock-band slots like Gunz N Roses have introduced innovative features like the power to choose which tracks you hear as you spin! We’re not too sure KISS will be updated to compete, honestly.

Our overall thoughts? There’s no harm in trying this game, especially since the Kiss slot PayPal option makes it risk free. You’ll come away with a piece of both rock history, and slots history!

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