Live Dealer Poker Online

When you think about it, if playing cards online is your thing, then live poker for real money at a trustworthy gaming site is the top thrill. Let’s take a good look now at the options for this exciting form of Web­powered casino fun.

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Top Live Dealer Poker Sites

Playing poker online with a live dealer via video in real time rather than the computer system is the state of the art ­­ especially at these two leading destinations. ­­ Up to £200 in matching bonus cash awaits at 777’s unique old-school Vegas­ style live casino. You’ll also get specials for live casino action like doubled winnings if you hit 21 in Blackjack with 7s, or, a £77 bonus whenever you win at Roulette with 7s. ­­ Grab up to £88 in bonus cash no deposit required, as well as up to £400 matching cash when you deposit. 888 runs a dedicated poker site, with games like 7 Card Stud, Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Fast­fold Poker and tournaments ­­ all featuring the highest webcam technology.

Why are these two so highly recommended by players and awarded by the industry? Both 777 and 888 are powered by world­-class Dragonfish software on the Cassava platform, which is produced in­house. That means you are as close to this classic game as possible, playing unique games, inside a robust community of players.

Real Money Live Poker

Online real money live dealer poker comes in many varieties, including all the classics and even international versions you may not have tried before like Chinese Poker. For example, live Hold’em at 888 is a huge draw because of its exciting ‘all in’ gameplay and strategy, however, there are also fast­-paced games like 3­Card (available at 777) and rapid round formats.

TIP: Mobile players tend to love the simpler poker games like SNAP and Sit-and­-Go (both available at the poker powerhouse 888) because they are quick and easily managed on a smartphone.

All of your choices for playing poker (there are well over 10 popular formats out there) can be classified according to how the game’s rules and conduct are tweaked for new thrills or enhanced winning potential. Poker’s standard order of play will remain the same ­­ such as betting, the combinations in players’ hands and cards that remain hidden until the end of the round.

The variations on Poker can be characterised in these basic ways:

  • Draw Poker ­­ Like 5­card Draw, in this style a player will receive a full hand, from which cards can be ditched and replaced.
  • Stud Poker ­­ With 7­card and 5­card games, the player runs through betting rounds using a mix of face­up and hidden cards.
  • Community hand poker ­­ In this variety, players share exposed cards on the table combined with their smaller hidden hands, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Best Kind of Online Poker

In addition to varieties, you can play Poker in many ways other ways than live or real­money games. For example, myriad options for light or ‘casual’ casino favourites exist within Facebook or other online communities ­­ often these are free, or, only require in­app purchases to buy play chips. At the other end of the spectrum, complex multiplayer poker applications can pit you against other people from around the world.

The basic question to ask yourself is, should I play against others, against the computer, or, against a live dealer? The best way to answer that is to weigh your level of skill and what you want out of the game.

Learners would do best to stick to playing against software either online or with a mobile app. There are even training games (not for cash) that will teach you how to play better, so eventually you can play for winnings and against other players.

More advanced poker people naturally will be attracted to real­cash formats of Web­based video poker and live dealer game sites where huge pots can be won. Aside from winnings, the benefits of playing poker can range from building mental ability, memory, a ‘social’ experience on the Web, or the pure novelty of playing a game not available in real life.

Generally speaking, the most experienced and hawkish players tend to gather at poker­only websites and inside poker networks (such as the famous one started by Microgaming in the late 90s). Since live dealer poker can be found in serious settings like those, as well as at casinos offering all kinds of table games or slots ­­ and, it is closest to the real in­person game ­­ this gives us the overall best poker option.

Getting Started Live + For Real

Now that you know the lay of the land, so to speak, about the world of online and mobile poker, the only thing to do is to dive in! How to play safely should be your next concern, so just follow these easy steps:

  1. Pick a live dealer or multiplayer poker site that accepts PayPal and many other payment options ­­ since that way, you know it is reputable.
  2. Register, and be sure to complete your account by submitting all the necessary information required by law ­­ that way, you are eligible to take home your winnings.
  3. Choose PayPal as your active payment method to make account deposits. In most cases, you can select PayPal as your withdrawal method, too, when that time comes!

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