Master of Fortunes Online Slots

Master of Fortunes is available only to the player-members at Pocketwin, one of the world’s most trusted mobile casinos — we are sure you have heard of it already. The ‘oriental’ theme of this 5-reel slot is unmistakable — it’s ancient China in the days of Kung-Fu, to be precise. If you’re kinda into Bruce Lee movies, and you like jackpots that will help you find mastery of your lifestyle, so to speak, then enter this dragon!

Kung-Fu in Your Pocket

PocketWin has really pulled out the stops for this Chinese theme. Look closely at the fortunate details of this game and you will notice that the 5 reels are housed in a good fortune pagoda, no less. Cherry blossoms sway in the breezy background. Its 15 reels are stacked in front of marble columns at the sides, which are hugged by serpentine dragons. You gotta get into this one, grasshoppers! — its artwork is exquisite.

There is a smart bonus round called Lucky Fortune, which involves picking a lantern in which is hidden a bonus multiplier. You also see those famous Chinese cats with the huge eyes. There is another game screen in which the Master himself challenges you to pick the side of the coin he levitates between his cupped palms. Although this is a fairly simple mobile slot, these side-games (so carefully drawn) add plenty of dimension.

Everybody was Kung-Fu Spinning

The theme of wealth goes perfectly with no deposit PayPal casinos and PocketWin is one of the very finest. Partly, it makes things all too easy for mobile players — such as small top ups using one’s phone bill, and, of course it has PayPal casino slots built especially for members to play. PocketWin can boast offering games that are found nowhere else; they are so successful that we assume that the members themselves contributed feedback during their making.

Overall, we think the way this game fuses ancient history with high-tech mobile gaming is fascinating, masterful even! PocketWin’s latest game always creates a big stir; Master of Fortunes seems to be some kind of watershed in the astounding quality of graphics and gameplay the site is known to achieve. And now, a moment of quiet meditation — so you can ponder the great opportunity before you …

Start Kicking

Lastly, a few vital details: you get 5 pounds free to get started at PocketWin. The game itself has a Double Up bonus feature built in. Bets can be as small as 2p, which draws out your sessions nicely. And yet plenty of excitement awaits in this game — and fortunately we can play using PayPal with serene assurance we face no e-bandits on our way to slot enlightenment (which includes riches, too!).

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