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If you are the type of person who doesn’t take chances with off-brands or bargain products in general, then you probably wouldn’t do so with your online casino entertainment, either. When it comes to ensuring top quality, finding PayPal casinos powered by Microgaming is a surefire strategy.

Top 2 PayPal Casinos with Microgaming

It used to be that you only got one brand of gaming at a casino because it licensed just a single supplier, and Microgaming was the most common. Other sites might have one of the other top brands, like Playtech. So, in the past when players chose a casino they also chose a gaming system.

In time, many more game makers entered the scene. Today, Microgaming and Playtech and others have moved to a multiple-supplier model, which means that they allow licensed casinos to offer selected games from other sources (some much smaller and niche oriented). Here are two great examples:


Mansion is part of the group that represents a flagship line of casinos for the Playtech system. Its high-roller appeal delivers with a whopping £5,000 possible in welcome bonuses. We have included it because of the high likelihood of offering PayPal more directly (at present you would need to use your PayPal account to fund an accepted banking method).


Being one of the more massive online casinos, Ladbrokes does not need to offer overblown welcome offers, relying instead upon its reputation and strong ongoing specials like Monday Cashback, Golden Chips and Sunday Market. Still, an offer of £50 free welcome bonus is sweet.

Microgaming vs. Playtech

When it comes to choosing between two of most influential and highest quality providers of casino software, Playtech and Microgaming, it will come down to personal tastes. Overall quality is comparable with these, and since they both have moved to the multiple-source model players get similar choice. Still, here are some distinctions to keep in mind so you can choose wisely.

Game Selection

Playtech had been the industry leader with its based portfolio of over 400 titles, although Microgaming was not far off that mark. Now, either brand has virtually unlimited selection with their constantly updating lineups. Still, here are some rules of thumb about their respective games:

  • Playtech specialises in Marvel Comics inspired slots and realistic table games.
  • Microgaming has a reputation for slots based upon major motion pictures, and more natural less cartoony artwork.

Free Bonuses

Both Microgaming and Playtech support their licensed casinos in dreaming up impressive bonuses and ongoing promotions. We can’t advise one over the other, however, Playtech sites like Mansion have hit the news with their massive bonus schemes.

System Security

Both Microgaming and Playtech offer bombproof security, gambling licenses, outside certifications and authorisations, as well as proven random number generators to keep things safe. Fear not! These systems are reliable and true.


What more can you ask for besides PayPal banking? But other than giving the ability to use your favourite e-wallet they feature many other options that can be handy at certain times, such as other e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill, and cash vouchers for super fast deposits such as Paysafecard. The security of microgaming casinos that accept paypal is beyond doubt. Using PayPal provides extra peace of mind should any disputes ever arise.

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile compatibility has been spearheaded by the largest software makers like Microgaming, in fact. Today, however, all the major brands are in step with the latest technology, which has moved away from requiring app downloads and eliminated dependence upon Flash. Nowadays, you can play the top games inside your Web browser, whether using a smartphone, tablet, a desktop or a laptop.


The 32 Red PayPal option is ever stronger with its fast and easy mobile capabilities courtesy of its Microgaming platform. Not only does such a casino offer the mobile option, it puts the most games in your hands nevertheless.

One of the most visible purveyors of top notch Playtech gaming also makes sure its players who use mobiles have the most options and convenience. Particularly, live and multiplayer games can be enjoyed on the run as well as at home, for those who multi-task well!


Even though 888Casino uses its own proprietary Dragonfish system, it also has followed the market and is able to offer other games from Microgaming and Playtech in its mobile portfolio. This is a great option for players who insist upon top quality but who are a bit adventurous!

Quality Is the Bottom Line

As we said at the start, players who don’t settle for anything less than the best are the ones who go for Microgaming and PayPal, which is a powerful duo. There are a lot of spectacular claims and fly by night promotions in the online casino world, however, in the end if your site can’t deliver state of art gaming and banking then all is lost, really! Wise players don’t waste time, and they go for the best.

Lucky Admiral CasinoUp to 500 Free Spins on each deposit!