Murderous Money Slot  

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The ever popular theme based upon a daring, brilliant detective who solves the most confusing crimes, while defeating terrifying master villains and arch enemies, is probably here to stay. This popularity seems to require more than the original Sherlock story, like the Murderous Money slot title from PocketWin.

Where to Play

PocketWin is a mobile casino that is part of the same gaming family as mFortune. Both casinos have their own original versions of this same basic story, which goes by the humorous name of ‘Murderous Money’ (PocketWin) and ‘Murdered to Death’ (mFortune).


The site’s name says it all: this is a premier place for unique mobile casino games trusted by UK and worldwide players. Signing up gets you up to £10 bonus that acts just like cash that lets you to keep all your winnings! Best of all, Pocketwin has online slots that take PayPal for the ultimate security.

Killer Game Design

This is a mobile-optimised slot by InTouch Gaming, which is the exclusive parent-supplier of all mFortune mobile casinos. This means that it is designed specifically to perform on your phone and tablet, rather than just being a lighter version of a conventional slot. Also, the only place to find it is at PocketWin.


The gameplay and rules of Murderous Money are easy to understand, being based upon a manageable 15-paylines, over 5 reels that are 3-symbols deep. (It looks smashing on a mobile touch screen!) But InTouch has some magic ways to inject more fun into its simple mobile framework:

  • 2 side games bring more chances to win
  • a progressive jackpot maximizes winnings
  • gamble feature allows extended wins

You can play by hitting Spin manually each time (which is recommended until you get the hang of the game, and its wild and scatter symbols are well known). Or, you can use its handy AutoSpin feature during fun rounds on the merest 2-pence bets!

Tips & Strategy

As always, just remember this: be sure to pump up the number of active paylines as well as your bet per line as soon as you sense that you might hit matching symbols any moment. This way, you are assured of bagging the biggest jackpot.

Otherwise, we would like our Murderous Money slot review to highlight a useful fact: this game can be played seriously or in a ‘for fun’ manner. As a mobile slot, ’Money is actually surprisingly robust, since it has a progressive jackpot and 2 side games with multipliers up for grabs. In that sense, you could say that the game will satisfy punters who treat their on-the-go spins seriously.

Choosing Your Mobile Slots

What we just said brings up an interesting idea when it comes to the kind of slot an avid mobile player would want. There are mobile slots based upon regular desktop or even land-based casino models, which tend to advertise loads of features and even bigger payouts.

However, many find them too busy and complicated for the smartphone format. Some smart players prefer to choose a simpler game, with less paylines and an easier-to-see layout – like Murderous Money! You can’t go wrong however you want to play it, because this slot is flexible and yet interesting enough for spending more time on it.

Similar Slots

If you just can’t get enough of Sherlock-style murder slots, then we suggest that you head over to mFortune and try its Murdered to Death title.

Honestly, at mFortune you’ll find the very same technical features (progressive, reels, side-games), as well as the same site offers like ‘keep what you win’ bonuses and promotions. You could even think of these two games as siblings given their deep similarity. We find this tip more useful than suggesting other Sherlock-looking games from different brands and casinos.

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