Blackjack Games at Casinos that Take PayPal

Today, online Blackjack players enjoy how ever-present the game still is, in both classic and novel formats — especially when PayPal blackjack can be played so securely and conveniently!

Best Blackjack PayPal Casinos

We have done the work of considering your online Blackjack options as well as underlying systems and sites, including promotions. That way, you can get on with playing safely at a blackjack PayPal casino such as one of these:

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mFortune offers mobile blackjack PayPal account-holders can enjoy with £5 on the house as soon as you join!

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Overall, the reasons we favour these standout sites for Blackjack with PayPal boil down to their mixes of reliability, security and high-quality gameplay. When you choose a destination to play online blackjack for real money with PayPal you are able to focus on your game, rather than worry about anything else.

Weighing Up Your Options

There are many ways to play online cards, which gives blackjack sites that accept PayPal even greater dimensions for adventurous players. Let’s cruise through a few exciting variations featured at the casinos we recommended above.

Live Dealer Blackjack

888 is a reputable casino that is fully licensed and regulated under the UK Gambling Commission, which adds the needed credibility for its live card games. Playing Web-based Blackjack against a real human (videoed at a table for you to see in real time) is really the ultimate balance of technology and natural gameplay.

Blackjack NetEnt

The brilliant NetEnt studio is gaining on the other mainstream software giants like Microgaming for table games and live dealer games, with titles like its Single Deck Touch and Pro HD. Single Deck Blackjack, for instance, boasts a classic version of the game and an RTP (return to player percentage) of 99.55%. Blackjack Pro, on the other hand, has even higher RTP (99.60%) even though it uses 4 decks.

Multi-hand Blackjack

Although Blackjack is a game played one an one with the dealer, sites like mFortune also specialise in delivering multi-player games like Texas Hold ‘em Poker. Some Blackjack lovers find that crossing over to Poker is enjoyable, for the variety and thrill of competing against others besides a dealer. Some players like other people sitting at their Blackjack tables, so you will find multiplayer versions in that sense.

Mobile Blackjack

When it comes to mobile slots and table games from perhaps the most famous UK casino on the Web, LadyLucks (powered by IGT and Probability) does not disappoint. It has completely transitioned over to a mobile gaming system, and boasts the most reputable RNG (random number generator) in the business. Its streamlined design, combined with the simplicity of Blackjack itself, put LadyLucks’ offering in a league of its own — especially its blackjack PayPal deposit options.

No Deposit Blackjack

Blackjack online PayPal players seeking a challenge, as well as value for their betting budget, tend to flock at sites like mFortune. For example, not only are its exclusive slots and table game titles addictive good fun, its welcome bonus and promotions are exceptionally fair without wagering requirements. Blackjack is alive and well today at sites like mFortune that feature great ways to get into this fascinating game even before depositing personal funds.

Progressive Blackjack

The thing about Blackjack that is likely wanted by the gamblers inside players is bigger payouts. This card game is notorious for the slow and enduring manner of good players’ rewards aside from when they go out on a limb with a bet or have an exceptional double down success.

To address this one technical and gameplay issue, some online and mobile blackjack titles may get billed as ‘progressive’, meaning that their is some form of growing jackpot or mega jackpot. This will be offered through side bets and perhaps even the Insurance bet within the game already.

European Blackjack

Overall you could get the impression that European-style blackjack is more restrictive compared to the American style. On the other hand, there is the fact that it has two decks in play, which actually improves the player’s odds over an American game’s 6-8 decks. But the European game has the dealer getting one upturned card at the start, and the second card after the player’s hand is final (meaning the player has more risk vis a vis the dealer’s Aces).

But many other details do show that the Euro format is not as flexible. For example, players cannot split their hands repeatedly or on any value of hand. Doubling down is only permissible on hands of 9 or more. And, European blackjack has no ‘late surrender’ to exit bad hands immediately.

Atlantic City Blackjack

The rules for blackjack in Atlantic City are a bit different, and generally are better for the player, than in other famous American gambling meccas like Vegas. We might even compare them with the European version using these similarities:

  • splitting is allowed on starting hand
  • doubling down is allowed on starting hand and on first split
  • re-splitting is not allowed
  • payout for Blackjack is 1.5:1
  • Insurance pays 2:1

Spanish 21

This game is very similar to Pontoon (played in Australia and Malaysia, see below). Its premise is quite close to traditional Blackjack except for many player-friendly details. It balances the extra challenge of using a Spanish Deck (with its four 10-cards removed) with its more favourable rules for players.

Those rules include unrestricted doubling and splitting to one’s heart’s content, as well as excellent ‘Match the Dealer’ side bets that can pay up to 15:1! The overall house edge when a player uses perfect Basic Strategy is lower than in other forms of Blackjack.

Blackjack Twist

This is a variation well suited for players who straddle enthusiasm for both Blackjack and Poker, and who crave bigger payouts. In Twist, all the usual rules apply. But each player can occupy two separate card positions, and each hand can accommodate its own side bet.

The side bets are a comparing game between the player’s cards and the dealer’s up card, with references to Poker hands. The top payout of 50:1 goes to a ‘Three Card Royal’ match.


Virtually the only differences between Pontoon and Spanish 21 (above) have to do with trade marks and the locales where the games are played. Pontoon has become popular in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore (that all play the Malaysian style).

A very similar game is also played in Great Britain. Whereas the Asian variations use customised decks and have new rules, British Pontoon is rather close to traditional blackjack with the exception of using the words ‘twist’ for Hit, and ‘stick’ for Stand. Pontoon is widely available on the Web, and in the UK as an online blackjack paypal option.

Blackjack vs Other Table Games

Blackjack and Baccarat

Blackjack is a game for the player who loves the combination of utter simplicity (elegance even!) with plenty of strategy. If you compare it to Baccarat, what makes Blackjack shine is the fact that a player has their own hand to create and play out — whereas Baccarat is about merely betting on the best hand on the table. Yet, depending upon how one bets, Baccarat can boast some of the lowest house edges (1%-4%) and highest (around 15%).

NOTE: Baccarat is a bit snooty (historically speaking), since its focus is on bets and blind luck, rather than skill.

Classic Cards: Blackjack and Poker

Comparing Blackjack to Poker, on the other hand, again brings out how simple the concept of ‘21’ is to keep in mind. Here are some of the main comparison points:

  • Blackjack rules are much easier than remembering all those ranked hands like a Flush, Straight and so on.
  • Blackjack hands are much shorter than rounds of Poker.
  • Even though Blackjack has minimal rules, it is beloved by smarties who can count cards and who love mathematics.
  • Blackjack’s relatively low house edge (which can be brought under 1% using Basic Strategy) is probably a big part of the reason it is more popular than the more complex poker games.

Hit Me, Instead of Spins

Roulette, another traditionally snotty casino game associated with high-rollers, is about betting from the gut rather than using one’s mind or reading other players. Since Blackjack involves more strategy than luck, it is less dependent upon RTP (or ‘return to player’ percentages) than these other table games. Roulette’s house edge between 2.7% and 5.25% is not great, compared to Blackjack.

Blackjack for Americans

The unfortunate truth for most of the Blackjack lovers who are in the US and want to play online is that their options are much, much slimmer than people in gambling-friendly countries like the UK.

Most legal opportunities to play exist as yet for the guests of casino resorts in Nevada, New Jersey and and a handful of other states. Unrestricted and regulated online and mobile blackjack that all Americans can play legally is not yet a reality.

Legal Options

Realtime Gaming is the system behind many Web casinos designed legally for US players. Many British and European software companies already have come to the aid of emerging gambling marketplaces in the US (by supporting US brands rather than as imported namesakes).

Gambling States

It may be a surprise that nineteen US States currently allow ‘commercial’ gambling (compared to tribal casinos, lotteries and other types of real cash gaming). But this does not mean that the games that are allowed will look and feel just like playing in Vegas or in London. New Jersey was the first state to make online gambling legal in specific (in 2010).

Because US Federal laws prohibit transmitting gambling transactions over telecommunication lines, or for banks to handle gambling funds (such as depositing or withdrawing from the casino sites), any instance of legal online games will be accessible in a state-by-state or even county-by-county manner. But usually those places only allow residents or documented tourists to partake of gambling amenities.

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