Paypal Discontinues Apps for Windows Phone, Blackberry & Amazon Kindle

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When large, highly visible internet­ based companies like PayPal abandon making an app for a particular branded OS or ‘operating system’, such as Blackberry, some might say it is a strong slap or snub in technology terms. Yet in this case with the Paypal apps it’s not so simple.

Life and Death for Apps

For Blackberry, a system in decline, it could have the effect of adding to its abandonment by other services and even more customers. Yet, since PayPal also has axed the app for Amazon Kindle (which is very popular), there is more to this little tech story to tell!

Nothing to Worry About

This announcement from PayPal does not spell an end, a rejection, a refusal of service, or any huge bad news for users of Blackberry, Kindle and Windows Paypal mobile apps actually. PayPal was careful to make it clear that:

‘…customers on these devices can still log into PayPal on these phones via our mobile web experience.’

After all, common sense tells us that since these 3 systems represent a sizable number of PayPal customers it would be terrible business for the world’s biggest online bank to alienate them. Do you know why we can say that?

The news really is not be about apps and mobile systems so much as it concerns the mobile web itself. What we call native apps themselves are in decline, in actual fact. Ever since a couple years ago, with the latest upgrade of the web’s native code to HTML version 5, mobile web browsers have begun supplanting native apps as well as eliminating plugins like Flash.

Blessing in Disguise

To tell the truth, from a different angle, PayPal has just saved Blackberry, Microsoft and Kindle users the bother of downloading, installing, updating and learning to use a native app on their phones and tablets (as well as freed up the device memory needed to store and run the apps — which is even a bigger issue for gamers who have many apps already).

PayPal’s mobile website is extremely robust, clean and easy to use, so much so that many users even prefer it to the apps, anyway. Now, the mobile web interface (driven by HTML5 and browser apps alone) has received a authoritative approval. The same goes for all kinds of online apps, most notably games.

Just like casino apps that are getting discontinued in favour of in­ browser games, PayPal’s move in neither unique or strange. It’s just basic good sense to follow a major online trend! Simpler is better, as they say, and less is more.

What It Means for Gamers

Online and mobile casino players who use PayPal to make deposits and withdrawals (and who may have been using the app to manage their funds beforehand) will not be affected by this much at all.

The vast majority of players already use the Android and iOS Apple systems, and PayPal actually plans to expand those native apps!


Players using the Paypal apps for Android and the Paypal apps for iPhone can continue using them, although on June 30th the apps are updating to v6 (which is great news!).

In fact, this move to discontinue the less popular apps (but not exclude anybody who had been using them, in the long run) will mean that PayPal is set to become even more useful and will deliver better services for gamers.

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