Pixies of the Forest Slot

If you have a love for all things enchanted, mystical and magical — perhaps including the Tolkien books, for instance, or the piskies of Cornwall — then our Pixies of the Forest online slot review is for you. This is a slot title produced by IGT and it is full of magic.

In contrast to so many slots you’ve seen that overstimulate players with glaring graphics, loud sound effects and too much explosive action (for instance, the slew of comic-book inspired slots), Pixies is relaxing. The 5 invisible reels in 3 rows do not spin into a blur of symbols, to stop abruptly. The symbols just fall softly and make a faint tink sound when they settle down into positions.

In the background you hear the giggling pixies, playful and yet mischievous. And, the faces seen on certain symbols belong to these same female pixies — but, they may strike you as more human-sized than gnome-like or small winged girls. We do think IGT could have varied the characters outside just girl-like pixies, especially when the Piskie in Cornwall are like little men!

Pixie Mechanics

This is a 5 reel design, without a progressive jackpot. However, in this game, the pixies’ forest has 99 paylines for extra winning potential! That seems like an unusual, odd number, which adds to the allure. The game is fixed at 33 coins, and:

  • bets on each spin can range from 33 pence to £165;
  • this game is perfect for casual or low-stakes punter;
  • the maximum payout is 198,000X for one spin.

NOTE: The RTP or return to player percentage for this game is 93%-94.90% — which is a bit lower than other online slots, to be honest.

Tumbling Reels

One absolutely brilliant aspect of Pixies of the Forest mobile or desktop versions is one of IGT’s own tricks, called Tumbling Reels. This feature means that when you land winning symbols like its Wild symbol, or other combinations, they will glow and show paylines, then poof! — disappear. Those empty spaces will fill with new symbols, giving you a new chances to win.

TIP: Since Tumbling Reels is part of gameplay, bonus rounds can pop up at any time, and within the bonus round it acts as a multiplier so big payouts can result.

Now let compare Pixies of the Forest with another similar game, made by Probability, called Pots o’ Plenty — a leprechaun theme instead of girly nymphs. This game has only 50 paylines, but a higher RTP of 95.66%. You can only win up to £3,000 (max bet of £25 per spin).

We tend to think that if a game has super lucky pixies or leprechauns, it should have a big payout potential if not a progressive. That’s why in this comparison we definitely favour Pixies of the Forest.

But deep down, the biggest reason to love this game is its stunningly crisp graphics, well-lit, happy, full of magic dust and laughter. It is an uplifting experience, with lovely ethereal music as well. If you’re ready to play, the good news is that since it is an IGT title it is also available at Sky Vegas PayPal casino and other fine destinations.

There is a good reason this particular slot is quite beloved by a variety of players — it is simply ravishing, with superb gameplay and performance. The nice thing is that it is tuned for numerous wins along the way, which keeps you intrigued and charmed by its depth. We think that once you try it, chances are it will pull you in like real pixies in forests — haven’t you seen them?