Responsible Online Gambling

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Although many exciting forms of gambling like cards involve competition with other players or dealers, for some people their most important adversaries are themselves. Fortunately, in the UK where gambling is legal and regulated, there is plenty of help available for gaming related problems.


When a gambler has issues with over attachment to their online game(s), emotional needs towards the entertainment, problems using the technology, or psychological imbalances that lead to stress when playing instead of honest thrills, then those issues prevent gambling from being fun — or much worse!


Now, gambling addictions probably are first ‘problem’ associated with this form of entertainment. That is mainly because of the potential to lose larger amounts of money than with other forms of amusement. However, let’s not forget that people get hooked on just about anything that can be perceived as highly valuable, even money itself.

Therefore, the main point about being addicted to gambling is that it is a personal problem, born from the individual’s psyche, as opposed to the result of an oppressive outside force. Some may claim gambling is ‘highly addictive’, which may be true, yet the whole question must be refocused upon the individual’s mind.

Each person must be able to honestly ask oneself if there is a problem (and the inability to do that itself is a red flag). The questionnaire freely accessible online at the GambleAware website is highly useful for anybody who questions their attachment to gambling.

Underage Gambling

Making bets and participating in games designed for adults arguably is not something children should be doing. This is why casinos must support child safety — they are required to enforce the minimum legal age and exclude underaged players.

Children don’t fully understand the contexts involved in gambling, from the personal to the social, and of course in terms of the money involved. Not only can they make bad decisions, such as risking cash without mastery of games, they will be breaking laws and likely even getting their parents into financial trouble as well.

Security Issues

Because money is an aspect of online gambling, criminals will be attracted to it even in well regulated scenarios like the UK. While it is true that the marketplace and technology has come a long way toward keeping players safe, criminals always prey upon people who are not careful.

On the one hand, online gaming is dangerous for those who fail to take precautions and maintain their accounts scrupulously, but on the other hand online casinos can be very secure for players who do the needful for their own protection.

Blocked Account

If players have got in over their heads, because of addiction or because of improper use of online casinos, they may get blocked or have their accounts frozen.

There are strict requirements for signing up legally, and if a person does something wrong (even supplying incorrect information about identity) it could be considered fraud. In the case of simple mistakes, accounts can be unlocked with a little effort.


Now that we just ran through some of the main problems people face with online gambling, let’s look at the brighter side with some of the top solutions.

Budgeting and Setting Limits

Since gambling is in fact very fun, if not fascinating, anybody should beware to maintain healthy self-discipline to avoid excesses when enjoying. Apart from simply giving oneself limits and personal constraints, a concrete way to keep things under control is sticking to a budget.

The psychology of budgeting is an important factor in maintaining a proper relationship with gambling, and, ensuring that it stays it stays in perspective as entertainment.

Self Exclusion

For those who fail to respect their own limits or can’t stick to a budget, it may be necessary to take definite action for self-protection. Casinos are bound to offer various methods for members to opt out of their privileges.

A recognised addict of gambling, as well as somebody who just knows they have a weakness that should not get out of hand, can voluntarily bar oneself from their casino account(s) for various lengths of time.

Internet Safety

Fortunately, there is a plethora of great information and helpful tools for people to:

  • master online technologies
  • learn to use their devices
  • use ‘media literacy’ to make choices
  • protect themselves from e-crime
  • keep kids safe with parental controls

For example, at the website, a variety of crucial safety concerns such as Web bullying, identity theft, online reputation, safe social networking and so on can be explored easily.

Strong Passwords

One of the most crucial online skills every user should master is creating strong passwords and then keeping them safely noted privately. This will eliminate a wide variety of potential threats, from e-criminals inflicting serious harm to situations that can be embarrassing like losing control of one’s Facebook account.

Licensed Operators

Another fundamental form of self-protection online is to deal with reputable sources of information, secure websites and above all legitimate casinos. The only gaming sites that should be considered are those with legal permits plainly visible as their UK Gambling Commission license numbers.

Lastly, you should look also for important signs that a casino is more than just compliant with laws but also has strong concern for its players. You should not merely join a site, but better still join a strong community.

For example, give your business to casinos that offer safe banking options like PayPal, provide good tutorials or online help, offer excellent customer services, and, suggest forms of help such as a link to Gambler’s Anonymous.

By learning to spot casinos that care about their members’ safety and enjoyment you can put yourself in the best position as a player.

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