South Park Slot

This American cartoon for mature audiences is not for everyone (particularly not conservative types)! While the South Park slots online adaptation may not carry over the show’s radical liberal views — and nor shall our South Park online slot review — the game does a great job of carrying over the unique visual style and humour.

With this game especially it would seem more important to choose a casino with a gaming community that complements it. We can see how 888Casino (up to £888 welcome bonus) and (up to £200 free play bonus) are both excellent places for South Park.

Why? They both have slick formats featuring other quirky games in their portfolios, and, we think that their memberships probably contain the SouthPark-loving hipster types of players! Anyway, these sites’ quality matches this NetEnt-powered title.

South Park Slot Description

Game Design

First of all, you’ve got to like the SouthPark cartoon theme with its flat, paper-cut looking graphics and bland colours. Even the South Park slot machine app is remarkably like the show in all ways. What is fun is its many side game bonus rounds (one for each of the 4 main characters, plus 3 with minor characters).

How to Play

South Park is a 5-reel game with 25 paylines. The top payout is 7,000X, but this not a progressive jackpot. You can bet anything from .25p to £125. To trigger the bonus rounds, you need to hit two Bonus symbols (on reels 3 and 4) plus the character symbol (Kenny, Cartman, Stan or Kyle on reel 5).

Online Slot Review

The South Park slot experience is a medium to low volatility game that offers nice runs of free spins. Large multipliers or stupendously big jackpots it does not offer, which means that the game is geared for punters who are more interested in being amused than striking it rich. But that is not to say you don’t stand a fair chance of bagging up to £625,000 in the Cartman bonus round with a max bet.


Plenty of ongoing antics, 7 bonus scenes and hilarious voice sound effects make South Park a real hoot. What’s more, every time you load up the game you’re treated to a dark and twisted opening animation sequence where the death-prone Kenny character faces a crazy demise.

This game is best for players who just love to spin their favourite slot, and are looking for longer sessions to stretch out their bankrolls. Its RTP (return to player rate) of around 97.7% is not the worst out there, either.


Players who are not as familiar with the show, and, who are hopeful about making some cash, will feel a bit let down by South Park. In fact, for them, its ongoing hijinks and shenanigans will start to get annoying. Definitely, South Park slot mobile is not a good choice for punters unacquainted with the show.

While we would not say that this title is strictly for lovers of the cartoon (it may even convert some to start watching), a lot of its details will be lost on those who don’t know the characters’ personalities, the show’s offbeat humour and its common motifs.


All told, we happen to be fans of this wicked show and we think that NetEnt has done it justice. Interestingly, if one chooses the South Park slot PayPal option then this peace of mind seems to provide a nice balance to the edgy and sometimes gory things that happen in this game!

Wouldn’t it be crazy to win a nice little sum playing a game as irreverent and un-serious as this? We think so. That is part of its ironic charm. There is also something rather refreshing for the eyes to watch South Park’s smooth reels spin, and behold its strangely soothing graphics that are a far cry from the dazzling, high-contrast realism of so many new slot titles — this one goes its own way, with great results.