Ukash Casinos

Any Ukash vouchers still out there are no longer accepted by online casinos or any other Internet retailers. Ukash has been replaced by paysafecard, who say they will exchange any unused Ukash vouchers for new active paysafecard ones. Get yours now!

If there’s one thing that’s on the rise lately it’s Ukash Casinos. In the last few years their numbers have grown at an incredible pace, this growth is perhaps thanks to the increasing popularity of Ukash.

Before diving into the Ukash casino guide below, please be aware that e-wallet provider Skrill decided to acquire the aforementioned e-voucher in July 2015. Rather than continue to operate Ukash, Skrill instead chose to discontinue the brand in favour of its paysafecard e-voucher that is already on the market and popular among online casino players.

Any active Ukash vouchers that you have in your possession will no longer be accepted from 1 November 2015. Please use any existing codes by the end of October. In the future, you can easily switch over to paysafecard to use a secure e-voucher. Click here to learn more about the concept of online casino with paysafecard.

What is Ukash?

Ukash is an alternate payment system that allows its users to put cash amounts on special vouchers that they can then use to buy items from retailers or deposit money into online accounts.

It works in the same way as gift cards, to purchase one you go to a local retailer that sells Ukash vouchers and you exchange the amount of cash you wish to put on the voucher.

The amount you can place on your Ukash voucher can range from as low as £5 to as high as £500 so you have a fairly large range when it comes to your finances, as opposed to mobile casino pay by phone bill sites, that only allow relatively small payments.

Pros of Ukash

There are a lot of positive aspects to Ukash, chief of which is how secure the vouchers are.

Each individual voucher is given its own unique 19-digit security code which they can then enter when using their voucher on the site of their choice.

Because each code is different, the vouchers are pretty much impossible to compromise so you can relax knowing that your money is safe.

Another bonus is that if you have any leftover vouchers lying around you can have the cash in them combined onto one voucher; this is handy if you’re worried about losing any of your spare vouchers.

Cons of Ukash

However Ukash isn’t perfect as it does have some flaws.

For example the vouchers themselves are rather easy to lose and unless you’re quick about getting another voucher sent out to you with a replacement code, the cash you had on the voucher you lost might be lost forever.

Another problem arises from that fact that not a lot of stores actually sell Ukash vouchers, so quite often to get a voucher you might find yourself going a town or two over.

Why Not Use PayPal?

Although many people might argue that Ukash is too complicated and it’s simpler to just use PayPal as it’s more widely recognisable, PayPal is not without its faults as well.

It may have secure servers and instant transactions that allow you to easily keep track of your money; PayPal has some pretty awful flaws.

First of all your account could get locked, if this happens you’ll have to go through a long and laborious option of proving your identity to the PayPal Customer Support team in order to get your account unlocked again.

Also there’s a chance that your account could be permanently locked and the funds withdrawn with no reason given and no chance of you ever seeing your money again.

Ukash Casino Sites

Because of its popularity there’s an absolute ton of casino sites that accept Ukash to choose from.

In fact there are so many Ukash Casino sites that instead of listing them all and the bonuses you can get from them, we’ve decided to show a small selection of what we consider to be the best ones to get started on.


Not only do you get £5 for free when you register an account with mFortune, but when you finally make your deposit you’re given a 100% cash match bonus of up to £100. So deposit £20 and mFortune will give you £20 extra for free. [Full Review]

Registering for an account with will land you a no deposit bonus of £20 and when you actually make your first deposit you’ll receive a 100% cash match bonus of up to £400. [Full Review]

888 Casino:

888 Casino have three bonuses waiting for you to claim.

From a no deposit bonus of £88 for casino games, £12 free no deposit bonus for their Poker side and a no deposit bonus of £88 plus an extra £5 worth of ‘No Lose Bets’ on their mobile sports app side. [Full Review]


As soon as you sign up with Pocket Win you’ll be able to claim a no deposit bonus of £5, but the fun doesn’t stop there as you’ll also be able to claim a 100% cash match bonus of up to £100. [Full Review]

If you think that Ukash would be your preferred payment methods after reading all of the above, then you can have a go on one of those Ukash casinos.

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