Viking Storm Slot Online

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If you are a fan of lore from Scandinavia about the Vikings with their notorious history of sea raids in war boats then probably you’ll feel keen to try your hand at mFortune’s new Viking slot machine too! It is a great of example of the advanced PayPal slots offered by this mobile expert. Moreover, mFortune boasts uniquely crafted game titles that it produces in house for members of the site.

Behold! — mFortune’s Viking Storm

In our Viking Storm slot review we want to describe the game in comparison to a similar game offered by Mr Green Casino (called Vikings Go Wild), which is based in Sweden, no less. In this case, Mr Green and its Swedish game supplier, Yggdrasil (don’t ask how that is pronounced!), may seem to have the cultural authority for this particular theme. But nevertheless mFortune’s Viking slot game is definitely worth your time.

Whereas Mr Green’s game is uber slick, with 3D generated graphics, and 25 pay lines — compared to mFortune’s 15-lines — the visual style of Viking Storm is more handmade looking. As with all mFortune’s portfolio, the games have a zany, wildly creative, irregular look and feel, with unbelievably vibrant colours. Vikings Go Wild is more conservative, tidier and has a more traditional game layout that is obviously computer-generated. — Now, we ask you, which sounds more realistic in terms of the history here?

Gameplay in mFortune’s game is snappy, optimised for mobile phones. We think that its lower number of pay lines (15 versus 25) is better for on-the-go spins, since it is simpler and quicker to configure your bets. Also, as Mr Green even points out as a drawback in its game, more lines takes a bigger bet to hit the jackpot. Even though Viking Storm is simpler, it still features mFortune’s beloved progressive jackpots, though!

Both games have a bonus round. What were the Vikings after? They were out to plunder neighbors like the Saxons in what is now the UK, and, eternal glory in the afterlife Valhalla — so mFortune’s bonus round is called the Rainbow Road. In it, one moves along a hovering stone path with the helmeted skulls of warriors, picking up multipliers. The goal is to reach the Wheel of Wealth and win the biggest multipliers of all. Bet big when your hairs stand on end — otherwise your session could be snatched by the Valkyrie, and you’ll head to Viking heaven as a slain warrior!

mFortune’s Brave Offer

To start your quest for victory and booty, you’ll get £5 free and then up to £100 matched when you deposit. That is a pretty standard offer, however, there is more than meets the eye at mFortune. Its bonuses have the very real ‘keep what you win’ policy that means you can have anything you win without satisfying requirements or limitations. Now that definitely is more faithful to your Viking spirit than bonus wins covered in red tape, right? — This one feature, in our opinion, makes mFortune’s game way more realistic than playing Mr Green’s Vikings Go Wild slot online any day.

Despite the viciousness of the Vikings, mFortune keeps things as safe as possible with its numerous alternatives to using credit cards, such as cash vouchers and e-wallets. In fact, if you think of it, we all face the dangers from modern-day pillagers on the open Web (those e-criminals). PayPal and pay by phone bill are great ways to clear the seas of foes, in your own slots raid upon mFortune’s Viking Storm mobile game!