Way of the Slot

Just about any type of theme and kind of human interest is now being developed by new online and mobile slots. You should not be surprised that Probability plc has hit upon Chinese culture, rich and powerful as it it. First, here are a couple amazing sites to enjoy its Way of the Slot game:

Mastering ‘The Way’

First of all, a player entering the way of the slot for the first time should know it has 50 paylines active for its 5 reels. That is at the maximum end of the range in terms of volatility (or how often winning moments of various types happen on the slot).


You can win up to 6000X with a maximum bet of £50 (or £1 per payline).

Enjoying the Moment

As opposed to tighter slots that may have a progressive jackpot, this one is meant for punters who care more about enjoying gameplay in its own right. You can spin it at your leisure to unwind with bets as low as .01p.

You can see, with the Chinese references, that this is a fitting setup to match such an awesome, complex culture. There is much to feast one’s eyes and senses upon as you spin Way of the Slot. The art found on its reel symbols, for example, is as intricate as Chinese porcelain.

Kung Fu Strategy

The action of Way of the Slot is fast and furious like practicing your Kung Fu moves, with corresponding choppy sound effects and snappy spin animations. The famous Chinese lucky cat can be seen regularly, as well as lots of Chinese looking characters, weapons and Pagoda-like details.

Symbols to Watch

  • Scatter symbol: The Maneki Cat gives at least 6 free spins whenever 3 or more appear.
  • Wild symbol: a Lion Dance Mask substitutes for any symbol you need except a Scatter.
  • Jackpot symbol: Kung Fu Master brings you untold riches, as they say, so respect the sight of him!
  • 6X Multiplier: the Drum symbol gives you smaller wins on your way to the bigger jackpots.

Stay Focused to Win

Strategy for Way of the Slot is simple: to know when to power up your bets, stay alert to how the 50 paylines have been behaving. The way to win big is with a maximum bet.

Your eyes will want to rove around the complicated game screen, with its busy background and frame for the reels. But keep your eyes on the action — 50 paylines make this a challenge!

Overall, Way of Slot is perfect for learners, newbies, and those who want a game for pure leisure that looks great on mobiles.